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Multliple passengers with different drop off locations

How do I manually place in order the different drop off locations when I have multiple passengers on my bus?  Will DispatchBot calculate the travel time once the drop off locations are placed in order?

This is an interesting topic.  I just set up an ADH contract where we had more than 200 riders with different schedules for four days of the week.  I set up the schedules adjusting the pick and drop off times by one minute based on the order I wanted the passnegers picked up.  Once saved the schedule appears correctly.

I believe a better way may be developed in the future, but it is critical that the trips appear in the correct order.

Thanks Steve for this tip and suggestion.  I will try it on my schedule and see if it fits our needs.  Again, thanks for responding.   Marty

One more tip on this method: use the 'queue' view on the scheduler. This view is better for shared rides as the trips get stacked vertically in a queue (based on their pick up or drop off time depending on the trip type) instead of being overlapped. Much better to see all the trips.

Additionally, Steve's trick of adjusting the drop times by a minute is much easier in this view. Just click the time label on the ticket when in Queue Mode and a modal will prompt you for the exact time.

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