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Dispatcher Calendar Notes

It would be nice to have a place for the dispatcher to place notes for him/herself on a calendar for specific days.  Such notes as reminders about the day, schedules, vehicles, drivers, etc.

Hi Marty, can you expand on the use case? You can already add notes to a trip or passenger... are you wanting a different set of notes? Can you provide some examples? This will help us design the feature and prioritize accordingly. Thanks!

Brad, I do use the trip notes for the particular trip.  What I envision is a separate calendar or “day” notes section that you could input specific Dispatcher notes into for a specific day, not trip, such as if a Driver is on vacation/time off, a scheduled vehicle is out of service, etc.  It would be nice to have this available for the Dispatcher to have notes at a glance that could have an impact on the day.  I use my Outlook Calendar for these function now, but it would be nice to have it on one screen and platform.



Thanks for the added info! We will keep this in mind.

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