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driver notification

is there a way to send drivers a notification, through the the dispatchbot driver app, of scheduling changes/ adjustments.  Most of the time the dispatcher calls/text the driver to refresh their trips for that day

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If there is no way, you could try having your driver download a App called Voxer its a two way radio that lets you replay the messages that you send back and forth.


this didn't really answer my question. Can it be done through the app

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This is something that the development team is aware of and is on our roadmap. However, there is no release date scheduled for it. To help us better prioritize the feature, can elaborate on the use case? Is this for will-calls being notified they are ready for pick up? Schedule changes? Canceled trips? etc.

 I know this is an old thread, but a feature to allow a dispatcher to push real-time trip notofications (cancellations, address or pick time changes, etc.) to the driver would be helpful. As the OP stated, we have to call or text the driver and ask them to refresh the app. 

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