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Driver Time Off

If I have a driver that requests time off, I'm still able to schedule them that day?! Is it possible to have my driver drop out of the list (or be grayed out) from the driver list for that day?


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That seems like a good idea, and something we can look at adding. Can you elaborate a bit more? Should the driver still be schedulable, but the dispatcher is notified of a conflict, or are you wanting the driver completely unschedulable?

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Brad, We use DB as our scheduling system. So our drivers log in to check in to see when they are driving. However, when they request time off, we have to keep a separate internal calendar of requests. Personally, I'd like the driver "grayed out" if they requested off that day. There is a conflict you'd have to solve in programming. Should a driver request off from 8-12, but can work the afternoon then a warning should be used. But if they are off the entire day, graying out makes sense. Jared

Thanks Jared! I have added this as a feature request to our development log. It is currently scheduled to be developed, but I cannot provide any details on a release date.

I like Brad's idea of a notification of scheduling a driver during requested time off. I also like the visual element of seeing the area "grayed out."

Hey everyone, 

This feature was just released this evening. If the driver has the whole day off, he is not schedule-able. If he has part of the day off, the times he is unavailable will be listed below his name in the queue on the left. This will hopefully help bring better visibility to driver time off and ensuring dispatchers do not book the driver during those times. 

I am greatly interested in hearing your feedback on this feature and if it has satisfied your needs.


It would also be beneficial if there was a notification when the driver puts in the request whether by email or by a message center on the website. But thank you so much for hiding the driver when their requests are approved!

If a drivers request for a day off is approved and they are off the schedule but then the driver comes back and say they made a mistake with the date and they don't need that day off anymore.   How do we add them back to the schedule.  

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