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Driver/Vehicle Groups

Having the ability to sort drivers or vehicles by groups would make it easier for those of us dealing with multiple areas/bases.

In my head, it would look something like this:


I really like this idea. It actually addresses some other UI issues we have been trying to overcome.

How do you see the grouping working? Would you click 'New tab' and then get to choose from a list of drivers or vehicles? Or would the dispatcher pre-configure the groups, and so you would have same groups every day unless you change the configuration? Something we've heard requested a lot is being able to group by region. So something like a tab for your County A and a different tab for County B, etc.

Also, I should ask: how do you plan to use these? In my head I can think of how this approach could address a number of issues we've seen, and ones customers have raised, but I dont want to make any assumptions about your needs.

Yes, Clicking a new tab would prompt you to name the group, then from there you would would have to assign vehicles and drivers to tours. However, these groups would be the same every day (unless changed). As far as my needs, we would use this to group drivers by area, but I figured there would be other uses as well (hourly drivers vs. contractors, A shift drivers vs. B shift Drivers, etc.) Really, by allowing each group to be named by the dispatcher, and giving each full functionality, the flexibility is there to solve a number of issues and empower the user.

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