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Logisticare Automated Downloads

 I was wondering when the GA roll out is expected for this feature. Also, there is a mention of additional information being made available to Logisticare including "some GPS data".  Could you please expound on that a little?  We have enough problems with brokers asking us for non-essential "additional information" that they then turn around and beat us with.... like handing the thug that's robbing you a bigger stick.

Hi David,

We have a handful of customers using this now. I expect it will be GA in November. Thats a bit delayed from what we had hoped, but the initial customer feedback showed that the way we were presenting the request times to the dispatcher for these Logisticare trips is confusing.

Logisticare sends us 3 different times. An appointment time, a scheduled pick up and a scheduled drop off. The appointment time becomes the request time, with the scheduled pick up and drop off being imported as the scheduled pick up and drop off in DispatchBot. The issue is Logisticare targets that pick up time so heavily. DispatchBot will show the request time when the trip is unscheduled. The feedback is we either need to show the pick up time instead, or import the trip as a pick up type.

Our team has been working on an improvement last week and we are finishing that this week. The plan is to get another round of feedback from our early testers before making it GA.

For the GPS data, we will eventually be sending the lat/lng of the pick up and drop off points. This data will be collected in a soon to be released mobile app update, and then be sent to Logisticare with the end of day report.

That said, Logisticare has requested we send *all* GPS data for a vehicle, while that vehicle is being used to transport a Logisticare trip. We haven't implemented that, and as it stands now, its not on our schedule. What are your thoughts on sending such data to Logisticare?

Thank you Brad!  Great information.  I am really looking forward to the release of this feature.  Kudos to you and your team for implementing this.
  As far as transmitting *ALL* GPS data to Logisticare; my opinion is that this would not be a good thing.  Logisticare is only concerned about profits for Logisticare and as such, has already demonstrated that they will use every bit of information to their advantage (just ask the providers in Wisconsin).  Even the Lat/Lng of pickup and drop off points could get sticky sometimes.

For instance, when Logistocare provides the wrong address and we don't catch it until the drop.  They can use that information to refuse to pay for trips. Same with the en route GPS data collected.  If we choose to follow a different route than they come up with (mileage reported different than their estimate), or if average speed can be determined (or worse yet reporting of speed at certain points along the route) they could deny payment based on those parameters as well.  In Iowa there is no state mandate to collect that information, so the question must be asked... why do they want it?  My guess is that, information is power, and, as referenced above it's a bigger stick to beat more profits out of providers.  I, for one, would stop using this feature if this additional reporting is implemented in DispatchBot.  Please remember that it is us providers that pay for the service.  It's nice to be able to partner with the brokers to achieve some operational efficiencies, but they do not have our best interest in mind, only theirs.

  I have been an enthusiastic supporter of D.B. by telling other transport businesses to check it out, as the price, software, and customer service are excellent.  You provide the best value for our hard earned dollars!  Many thanks and keep up the great work!

You've definitely given us some food for thought. I know our top priority is doing right by our customers, which is you; not Logisticare. As I said prior, we don't have plans at this time to implement what was being asked, and we really arent being pressured by Logisticare to implement such an integration. They just have it as an option, and its come up a few times in conversations.

I am going to talk to the engineering team about making even reporting the lat/lng of the pick up/drop off an optional setting. That _is_ something Logisticare has asked for and said they really want to see as a bear minimum, so given what you have stated, I think having the option to enable/disable is the best of both worlds. 

Thanks for the kind words about our product! I, and everyone on the team, love getting feedback like that. If you have any ideas on how to make it better, please open a new thread on this forum and ask! :)

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