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Billerbot wish list

I've been looking forward to the arrival of Billerbot. I have a few notes after looking at the beta

1. In our operation, we bill many facilities twice per month. Having separate invoices for every leg of every trip isn't going to work for us. We'd like to have the option of creating one invoice for all of the trips for a given account (not passenger, but account) within a date range.

2. We have different rates for 1-ways and round trips. As the system is set up now, the drop off and return are both entered as individual 1-way trips. That works okay for dispatching, but not for billing.

3. I'd like to have a little more freedom with rates and accessory charges. There doesn't seem to be a way to set a charge for a cancelled trips, wait time, deadhead miles, or night and weekend shift differentials.

4. My computer doesn't recognize the format of the invoice generated. I can see that it's a pdf, and if I open it with a browser, it opens fine. Having said that, I have to right-click > open with > browse for programs > and then track down a browser. I can't set a default, because the file type seems to be "file."

5. Could we get an option to customize the header of the invoice, to some degree? Maybe add a logo, or something to pretty it up?

Glad to see this is coming though. Keep up the good work!

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