Introduction to ShuttleBot

ShuttleBot is a DispatchBot service that lets you accept trips from your passengers directly online. This service connects to your website, and by completing a quick form, passengers can register trips directly with you. Not only that, but you can also invite accounts to ShuttleBot. This lets a hospital, nursing home, broker or any other account you are working with, register trips with you automatically online.


Once a trip is registered, it automatically appears on your DispatchBot unscheduled queue. Your dispatchers will also receive a notification email informing them of the new trip. The trip can be scheduled and managed just like any other trip in your system.

Once a trip is scheduled, a notification email is automatically sent to the passenger or account informing them of their pick up time and estimated drop off time. These users can also log into ShuttleBot at anytime and see the current status of any of their trips.

Best of all, ShuttleBot is free and you can start using it in less than 5 minutes!

Getting Started

Before you can start receiving trips, ShuttleBot must be enabled for your account. To do this, you must be an admin for your organization. Once logged in, navigate to the organization administration page. On the ShuttleBot tab, click the checkbox to enable the system. Also note your custom URL which is shown to you on this page. This URL is the link you should give to your customers. This link can be emailed, shared on social media and/or added to your website. Click save once you are ready.

Navigate to your custom URL to test the system out. Any trips you register should be visible from within DispatchBot instantly.

Enable ShuttleBot

Inviting accounts

ShuttleBot automatically accepts trips from private pay passengers. In order to begin accepting trips from accounts, you must invite the account. Navigate to your accounts page and select the account you want to invite. On the detail page, you will have a link to invite the account.

Invite account

Clicking this will prompt you for some required information to invite the account. Supply the user’s name and email and click ‘Invite’. An email will be sent to the user explaining the ShuttleBot system and asking them if they would like to join.

Note that when you invite an account to ShuttleBot, they will be able to see all of their historical trips too.

If you change your mind and do not want to invite the account, you can revoke the invitation. This will immediately make the invitation unusable.

Finding trips created through ShuttleBot

For the most part, when a trip is created via ShuttleBot it will function just like any other trip. Your dispatchers will receive an email notification of the trip creation (they can opt-out of this in their profile) and it will appear in your trip list.

If you are wanting to find trips that were created from ShuttleBot, you can do that on the search page. On the left where it says ‘Source’, click the ‘ShuttleBot’ link. Note that ShuttleBot will only appear if your current search has trips that were created from ShuttleBot (you may need to expand your date range or search to include more trips if you are not seeing this option).