You can manually create trips in DispatchBot in addition to using the Importer.  A trip needs to be created for each "leg" of a trip.  For our example, we will be using the following information for our passenger:

John Demo has a doctor's appointment at 10:00AM and he expects to be finished by 12:00PM.  He is in a wheelchair.

Home Address

1616 S Trafton St

Tacoma, WA 98405

Doctor's Address

315 MLK Jr Way

Tacoma, WA 98405

From the Scheduler Page, click on the "New Trip".

On the "Create Trip" page enter the Passenger's Name.  If they are a new passenger, click on "Add passenger name as a new passenger"

In the Create Passenger window, enter their relevant information

First Name
Last Name



Member ID





Mobility Aids

When done click on the "Create Passenger" button.

*NOTE* If the passenger has been entered in DispatchBot previously, a list will appear which will allow you to select that passenger with all of their previously used data such as Account and Mobility Aids.

We will now schedule the first leg of his trip.

Since his doctor's appointment is at 10:00AM, click on "Drop off" and select your date and time. We are selecting "Drop off" because he needs to be DROPPED OFF at a specific time.  Please keep in mind that these are REQUESTED times.

We now enter our "Origin" and "Destination" information.  In this particular case, our Origin is his home address and the Destination is his doctor's office.  You can add phone numbers as well as any comments.  When you are done, click on "Save and Generate Return Trip".

This will allow you to create a new "leg" for the passenger.  In this particular case we will be create the return trip home.  Since his Doctor's appointment is over at 12:00PM we are going to select "Pick up" and enter our date and time.  We are using "Pick up" for the REQUESTED time since this is the time the passenger's appointment will be over.  The addresses will automatically be reversed but you can make any changes necessary.  

When done, click on "Create Trip" then click on "Scheduler" in the menu.  This will take you back to the main screen with your 2 trips now appearing in the "Unscheduled" queue ready to be scheduled and assigned.