Go to Logisticare and sign in using your credentials.


In the menu bar, go to Trips then Trip Download


Under “Mode” select “Full” and keep format to “Delimited”. If there is an additional dropdown menu available to you, make sure to select “Legacy”.


In the next window, click Continue.


Select the date you want to download trips for on the Trip Date Calendar.  It will display the number of trips available for that day in the right window.  Click on the Download (date) Trips.  You will need to remember where your file is saved once you download it.

Once the file is saved you can sign out of the Logisticare website.


In DispatchBot, click on “Import Trips” in the upper right corner.


Select “Logisticare” from the “Type” and “Account” drop down menus, then click “Choose File”. Browse to the folder you saved the file to earlier and select your file, then click “Open”.

When you’re back on the “Import Trips” screen click on “Import Trips”.  If the trips are imported correctly you will get a “The import was successfully uploaded and will be processed shortly” message.  If you get any errors during the import, double check that the Logisticare file is properly formatted.