DispatchBot allows you to import your electronic files from the brokers listed below.


Coordinated Transportation Services

FirstTransit Oregon


Georgia DHS Coordinated Transportation Services


Human Services Council, WA






Paratransit - Sacramento

People for People

Secure Transportation




To import your trips click on the "Import Trips" button from the Scheduler Page.

From the "Type" drop down menu, select your broker (Logisticare, MTM, etc).  Each broker has a specific layout in each of their electronic files so it is important to select the appropriate type.  For Account, you will presumably have a matching Account for your broker (see Adding Accounts for more information).  Click on the "Choose File" button and select your electronic file.  

You can also choose how DispatchBot imports the trips.  The default option is to allow DispatchBot to automatically choose the request type but if you prefer you can create them all as Reuqested Pick-Ups or Requested Drop Offs.  

Once selected, click on the Import Trips button to begin importing your trips.

Additionally, you can import trips into DispatchBot using our default DispatchBot format which is attached to this article.  The fields that are importable from the default format are:

Trip ID 456
Confirmation Number 123456
Passengers* Test User
Passenger Numbers
Passenger DOB Jan 01, 1906
Passenger Weight 55
Passenger Sex m
Passenger Phone Number 89898989898
Mobility Aids strecher
Account Test Account
Request Date* (this also include the requested time, must be formatted to MMM D, YYYY HH:MM) Aug 08, 2035 05:30
Request Type* (Pick up, Drop off, Will-call) - This is case sensitive) Drop off
Status (Unscheduled, Scheduled, Driver on Route, Picked Up, Delivered, Canceled, No Show, Missed) Unscheduled
Origin Name Origin Test
Origin Street* 52 Chinook Terrace
Origin Suite Studio 1
Origin City* Sutter Creek
Origin State RI
Origin Postal 38466-8570
Origin County Us
Origin Phone 1-(283)253-4124
Origin Comments Pickup on side of building
Destination Name Test Name
Destination Street* 2023 Village Green Parkway
Destination Suite Apt 123
Destination City* Pasadena
Destination State NJ
Destination Postal 2158
Destination County Ocean County
Destination Phone 9-(509)804-8815
Destination Comments Drop off around back.
Scheduled pickup 06:00
Scheduled Dropoff 06:30
Arrived at Origin 06:30
Departed Origin 06:35
Arrived at Destination 07:10
Departed Destination 07:15
Start Odometer 1200
End Odometer 1500
Estimated Miles 8