Many people refer to an inbound trip as a “pick up trip”. Technically you are picking a client up from their home BUT the difference is that the important time during an inbound trip would be the drop off time (or appointment time) so in DispatchBot this is referred to as a “drop off trip”.

Requested Time – This is the time that will come from the brokers or from the clients. This time is typically not flexible without broker/client permission. Requested times are typically appointment times (actual appointment time and end of appointment time).

Scheduled Times – These times are determined by dispatchers as the times you are telling your drivers to be at specific locations.

Actual Times - These are the times that are recorded by the drivers to indicate when they arrive and depart specific locations.


As you can see in the screenshot above, there are 3 options for the trip types (The passenger has requested a …). This are REQUESTED TIMES which are completely different from SCHEDULED TIMES and ACTUAL TIMES.

Pick up – The passenger is asking to be picked up at a specific time. For example, they expect to be done at their doctor’s appointment at 2:00PM so they need to be PICKED UP at 2:00PM. This is typically the return trip home.

Drop off – The passenger needs to be dropped off at a specific time. For example, they have a doctor’s appointment at 1:00PM so they need to be DROPPED OFF at 1:00PM. This is typically the inbound trip

Will call – You know where the passenger is going to be picked up from and taken to but you do not know the exact time. Again, this is typically a return trip home.

For each Requested Drop Off you will have a Scheduled Pick Up and a Scheduled Drop Off and each Requested Pick Up will also have a Scheduled Pick Up and a Scheduled Drop Off.


John Smith has an appointment time of 9AM and he expects to be done with his appointment at 11AM. He lives at home and will be going to his doctor’s office which is a 20 minute trip. He is also ambulatory.

Given the details above, John would have 2 trips:

Requested Drop Off of 9:00AM


Requested Pick up of 11:00AM


Keep in mind that these are just requested drop off and pick up times but you will still have scheduled pick up and drop off times for each trip type. Assuming I want to give my driver 30 minutes to pick up and drop off for the client’s inbound trip, the trip might be scheduled like in the screenshot below:


I am telling my driver to pick up (scheduled) John at 8:30AM, drop off (scheduled) John at 9:00AM because their appointment (requested drop off time) is 9:00AM.

For the return trip home, I may schedule it like in the screenshot below:


I am now telling my driver to pick up (scheduled) John at 11:00AM from his doctor’s office, drop off (scheduled) John at 11:30AM at home because his appointment (requested pick up time) is over at 11:00AM.