During a holiday there may be a need to bulk move trips (typically subscription trips) to another day.  For example, you have a number of subscription trips that occur every Thursday but you want to move all of those trips to Friday. This guide will show you how to move a large number of trips from one day to another.

In DispatchBot, click on Trips in the navigation bar.


On the Trips page, set your filters such as date, account, etc, to show the trips that you want to move.

Once all of the trips are displayed, select all the trips by clicking the "Select all trips" button.

 Next, click the dropdown arrow and select "Change date..." to be taken to the Bulk Edit page.

Select the new date you want the trips to be moved to and click on the Update button to move the displayed trips to their new date.  The trips will remain at the same scheduled times and vehicles.

Once you confirm the date and the trips to be updated, DispatchBot will update all trips with their new date.