When a passenger calls and reports they are ready for pick-up, it often comes just as the dispatcher is in the middle of doing other tasks. DispatchBot provides some tools to help you easily get these trips scheduled as quickly as possible.

Click on the setting icon next for any Unscheduled Will-Call and select “Mark Passenger Waiting”.


You will then be prompted to select a time to mark that passenger as “Waiting”. You can either select “Now”, from pre-determined times in 15 minute increments, or set a custom time. So that the auto-scheduler chooses the most appropriate time for the trip, it is very important you choose an accurate time for the pick up.


DispatchBot will then check your current schedule to find the best possible driver and vehicle for your select trip at the selected time.  The first choice will be the best choice as determined by DispatchBot, 2nd choice will be the next best, and so on.

Once you select a vehicle/driver, DispatchBot will automatically assign that trip to your selected vehicle/driver. Your view will also automatically scroll to that position so that you can visually confirm its placement.