Heatmaps allow you to assign color codes to specific addresses, cities or zip codes to let you quickly identify where a trip is going to start and where it will end.  This works in conjunction with "Scheduler" mode to help you quickly assign your trips to the right driver for better efficiency.

To create a Heatmap, go to More > Heatmaps > New Heatmap

Under "Location" you can enter a specific address, a city or a zip code.  DispatchBot will search for this text in any address and assign it to that address in a trip.  Enter a color using the color picker or you can use any number of web based color pickers to help you identify specific colors.  For this tutorial we will create 2 heatmap colors for Seattle and Tacoma.

Any trips for Seattle and any Trips for Tacoma will appear with the appropriate heatmap color next to the address in your trips in the trip queue.

If you click on "Scheduler" view, you will now see trips on your board with your heatmaps colors to identify the area that you've set in your heatmaps.

Pete Carroll's trip starts in Tacoma and ends in Seattle so I can quickly see that by the heatmap colors.  The color will blend into each other depending on your heatmaps to give you a quick visual to see where are you trips are taking place.  Ideally, you want all of the trips for a single driver to stay in the same heatmap "zone" so your colors will "chain together".