Your boss just bought a new vehicle, and you need to add it to your schedule. But you don't want to be moving and reassigning vehicles on existing schedules. Here's how you can do that.

Add the Vehicle to DispatchBot

Navigate to More -> Vehicles and click the button at the top right to create a new vehicle.

Enter a descriptive name for the vehicle. This is what will show on the scheduler board. Enter the appropriate capacity for the vehicle. This allows DispatchBot to actively monitor that the vehicle is never over-booked with passengers.

Finally, choose the position for the vehicle. This is the position in the tour columns (on the scheduler) where the vehicle will appear by default. By default, DispatchBot will choose the position that adds this vehicle to the last tour position, or the far right of the scheduler board.

The remaining fields can optionally be added, but are not required.

Click save.

Your vehicle is now available for scheduling.

But I don't see the vehicle on my schedule?

Newly added vehicles are not automatically added to existing schedules. If you already have even a single trip scheduled, DispatchBot will not automatically add the vehicle. This is to prevent any of your existing schedules from being altered.

To demonstrate, this navigate the scheduler to a date 3 months from now. Notice how on this schedule (assuming no trips are scheduled yet) includes your newly added vehicle.

Adding a vehicle to an existing schedule

To add a vehicle to an existing schedule, open the scheduler and scroll to the very last tour, on the far right. You should see an empty tour, with a button to 'Add Shift' at the top.

Choose the vehicle you just added, and click 'Add'. DispatchBot will add a new tour, to the far right, with this vehicle.

Want the vehicle in a different position?

Some dispatchers like to organize their tours by the region they are servicing. This is a good practice, and one that we encourage. So if the new vehicle is going to service a region that is not represented by the far right of your schedule, you are going to want to move it to another location.

DispatchBot has a utility built in for moving a tour to anywhere in your tour list. This movement is specific to the date too, so you can move a tour for a single day, without it affecting your future schedules.

To move a tour, click the cog icon in the tour header and choose 'Move tour...'.

Choose the tour position you wish to move this tour to. Note that the entire tour will move to this position. Tours to the right of this position will be shifted down one spot, to accommodate the move, but will otherwise retain their order. All trips and drivers assigned to the tour will also be moved.

Important! In most circumstances, you do not want to use the 'Assign Vehicle' option. This option will relocate a vehicle to the current tour, but will not bring any trips or drivers scheduled. Additionally, whichever tour that vehicle may currently be assigned to will become unassigned.