DispatchBot can offer scheduling suggestions for trips that have a requested pick-up or a requested drop-off time.  Note, the process is different than for a Will-Call Trip, but the concept behind it is the same.

From the Scheduler board, locate the trip that you would like to auto-schedule and select Show Scheduling Suggestions.

This particular trip has a requested pick-up time of 11:00AM.  Clicking on Show Scheduling Suggestions will trigger DispatchBot to search your already scheduled trips to find the best suitable vehicles for placement based off of driver availability, scheduled pick-up and drop-off times for any existing trips, and the starting and ended addresses of all existing trips.

Vehicle 4 has no trips, it happens to be the most logical and efficient choice.  The next best selection is Vehicle 1 and then Vehicle 3, and so on. By default, DispatchBot will show you the top five best schedules, assuming five reasonable schedules exist.

Once you've decided on a vehicle that you would like to assign the trip to simply click on the Vehicle and DispatchBot will automatically schedule your trip.  From there you can make adjustments and tweaks to the scheduled times based off of needs and requirements, however, the auto-scheduler should set appropriate times for you.