At the end of the day, you can print out customized reports for your trips. Each passenger's trips can be matched to a specific format (see Setting Custom Manifest Formats for Accounts for more information).

To print an end of day report, go to Reports > Daily Audit

In the upper right, click on "Print for accounts"

This will generate a printable report of all  your trips for that day, grouped by account. You will automatically be prompted to print the page.

Customizing Report Formats

DispatchBot has pre-built a number of report formats for you to choose from.

Default Report Format

As a manager user in DispatchBot, you can navigate to the Administration Settings page. There is a tab 'Reporting'. Selecting this will allow you to choose a new default report format, as well as provide your own customized legalese to appear at the bottom of each page.

Account Specific Report Formats

DispatchBot also allows you to customize the reporting format per account. This is especially helpful when your broker needs reports printed in a specific format. To do this, navigate to the account details page, and use the 'Add Report' button to add a custom report format. 

The currently supported broker specific formats are:

  • Access2Care Driver Log
  • Access2Care Audit
  • Indiana Transit Authority
  • DispatchBot
  • Single Passenger
  • Logisiticare
  • MTM

End of Day Reports can have multiple formats attached to them, if you need to provide your trips in multiple formats.  Format samples are attached as PDFs to this article and more will be added to match specific brokers.