When you invite a user to your account, that user will be able to register trips within DispatchBot on behalf of the account. Those trips are instantly available for your dispatchers to schedule and dispatch. This is a great feature for accounts that belong to a nursing home or hospital. Now the nurse can register trips directly with you without having to phone or fax you! These instructions will guide you on how to invite a DispatchBot account to ShuttleBot.

In the Navigation Bar select More > Accounts,  

On the Account screen, find the account you would like to invite to ShuttleBot and click on their account name

Under the ShuttleBot header, click on "Send an invitation now".

Enter the Name of the primary administrator for the account and their email address.  DispatchBot will then send an email invitation to the primary account administrator's email address.  The primary account administrator will be able to create additional ShuttleBot account users once they have signed up.