Vehicle odometer can be viewed and maintained through your Vehicles page in DispatchBot.

In the navigation bar, click on More > Vehicles.

Click on the Vehicle you wish to view or edit odometers for.

Click on "View vehicle odometer report"

On the the specific vehicle odometers page you can now view the odometer value, user and date/time the odometer was entered.  From here you have a few options to select

  • Odometer Value - Clicking on an odometer value will take you directly to the trip details page where you can view specifics of the trip such as client name, status, and times.  You can also go to the "Edit Trip" details page to make any changes to the trip under "Advanced Settings" at the bottom of the details page.
  • User - Selecting the "User" will take you to the driver details page of that driver.  From here you can edit the driver's account or delete the driver entirely.
  • Action - Clicking on the "Action" button will allow you to directly update or correct any odometers.  Simply find the odometer you would like to change, enter the new odometer and click "Update".