DispatchBot can display specific trips for specific accounts on the Scheduler board. This is particularly useful when you would like to schedule or assign a certain broker's trips all at the same time or to view which broker's trips are already assigned to a vehicle.  Maybe you have a will-call trip for your broker and would like to see if any other trips for that broker are available for a shared ride.  You can easily find the information you're looking for with our Account Filters.

Go to the Scheduler and click on the Account Filter above your trip queue.

DispatchBot will now display all the accounts that have trips being performed that day.  

Select an account to display those trips in your trip queue.

You can then apply the account filter to your Scheduled trips as well by checking the "Apply filters to Scheduler" checkbox.

You can also filter by trip status such as "Scheduled, Unscheduled, Driver On Route, Delivered, etc) to view and filter your trips with more specificity.

To reset your filters simply delete the account you are currently filtering by click on the "X" next to the account name.