DispatchBot allows you to import passengers in bulk. By doing this, the imported passengers are available for easier trip creation. You can also import the passengers' home address which will aid in address auto-complete when the passenger books a trip.

Some things to remember when importing passengers:

  • DispatchBot accepts csv, xls, and xlsx, however csv is preferred.
  • DispatchBot will only import the passenger once, regardless of how many times the passenger is attempted to be imported. You do not need to worry about duplicates.
  • DispatchBot cannot read password-protected files. If you have a password-protected file, copy the data to a standard spreadsheet for DispatchBot.

 From the scheduler page to go More > Passengers.

From the Passengers page select Import in the upper right.

Required Format of Passenger File

To ensure DispatchBot is able to accurately import all of your data, it is crucial that you adhere to the specified file format of the spreadsheet. Your spreadsheet should contain the following columns:

First Name
Required. The first name of the passenger.
Last Name
Required The last name of the passenger.
The account name associated with this passenger. If the account does not alraedy exist, it will be created. If unspecified, the passenger will be private pay.
Phone number
The phone number of the passenger.
The weight of the passenger.
Passenger Record Number
An internal record number you may use to track this passenger outside of DispatchBot.
Date of Birth
The date of birth for the passenger.
Mobility Aids
A list of mobility aids for this passenger. Ensure that the mobility aids listed here already exist in DispatchBot.
Home Street Address
An optional home street address for the passenger. If specified, this address will automatically display when the passenger is added a trip.
Home City
An optional home city for the passenger. If street address is given, this is required.
Home State
An optional home state for the passenger.
Home Zip
An optional home zip for the passenger.
Facility Name
An optional facility name. If the passenger routinely visits some place, you may specify it as the facility.
Facility Street Address
An optional street address, for the facility
Facility City
The city for the facility. If street address is given, this field is required.
Facility State
The state for the facility
Facility Zip
The zip code for the facility.
The days of the week the passenger makes this trip.
Appt Time
The time the passenger must arrive at the facility. Must be given in military time (e.g., 13:00)
Return Time
The time the passenger will leave the facility. Must be given in military time (e.g., 13:00)

You can download a sample spreadsheet here.

Once you have updated and saved your spreadsheet, click on Choose File, find your spreadsheet and click on Import Passengers.