General Settings

Options available under General are:

Time Zone

Time Format: Military, Standard

On-Time Performance Tracking:  DispatchBot can automatically keep track of on-time performance. Use these fields to set custom on-time windows. Any trips outside of these windows will be marked as late.

Driver Time Tracking:  Automatically calculate driver paid hours vs unpaid hours.  Set the allowable time the driver has after this previous trip and before his next trip before going on unpaid time.

Driver Shift Options: Set the default duration for a driver shift.  This is the duration used if a driver's shift is not automatically generated (see Creating a Driver's Default Schedule)

Minimum Trip Duration: By default, DispatchBot will attempt to set the height of trip events based on the estimated number of driving minutes expected for that trip. Some trips can be very short, and may not include load time. You can set the default minimum trip duration here. Dispatchers will still be able to override this, but the system will never automatically scheduled a trip for less than this time.

Trips Cancellation Note:  Should the dispatcher be required to enter a note to cancel a trip?

Daily Audit Time:  Time that the daily audit email should be sent.  Note: Sending it at a time before the day's trips are completed may skew your stats.