Subscription trips are just like reoccurring appointments and meetings on your calendar.  If you have trips that happen at the same times and on specific days then you can create a subscription for it to make it appear on your Schedule board automatically.  This is particularly useful for Dialysis trips.

Once a trip has been created and initally assigned to a vehicle with your scheduled pick up and drop off times simply go to the trip details page

Scroll down to Subscriptions and click "Add a subscription"

From here select your first date that you want the subscription to occur.  You can choose the day, select if you want it assigned to a vehicle, the start date of the subscription and the end date.  NOTE, only assign a vehicle if the trip already has scheduled pick up and drop off times.  If there is a return trip detected you can also apply the subscription that trip as well.

Add additional days as needed and click "Save Changes".