NOTE: This feature is in a limited beta mode currently. If you wish to have early access to the feature, please contact our support team.

DispatchBot has developed integration directly with Logisticare so that you can automatically import your trips. With this integration, you no longer need to manually sign into the Logisticare portal and download a spreadsheet; DispatchBot will fetch these trips automatically. Additionally, DispatchBot can send the end of day report back to Logisticare. Enabling this integration is easy and only takes a few minutes to setup.

Connect DispatchBot to Logisticare

Note: If you are using a custom domain when accessing DispatchBot, such as, please use just for the duration of this setup. All your data will still be available at your custom domain, but for the purposes of the creating the Logisticare connections, the custom domain cannot be used.

Navigate to the General Settings page and select the Logisticare tab. Note that you must be your organization's admin to access this page. Once on the Logisticare tab, you will see a button to connect your DispatchBot account to your Logisticare account. Click this button, which will take you to Logisticare's system to authenticate your Logisticare account.

Login to your Logisticare Account

You are now on Logisticare's system. The page is explaining that DispatchBot is requesting access to your Logisticare account and data. DispatchBot is requesting the ability to send/receive trip data as well as receive driver and vehicle data from Logisticare. Enter your Logisticare username and password and click Grant to complete the setup.

Choose Logisticare Account

You will be redirected back to DispatchBot. DispatchBot will ask you which account the Logisticare trips should be imported into. By default, DispatchBot will choose your Logisticare account if it already exists. You may customize this, and save your settings.

Automatically Importing Trips

Once the above steps are completed, DispatchBot will automatically check for trips with Logisticare. DispatchBot will connect approximately every hour (its usually more frequent than hourly) to see if Logisticare has new trips. If there are new trips available, these will be imported into DispatchBot automatically, and will be available as unscheduled trips on your scheduler page. They will appear and function like any other trip. If trips are updated or canceled, these changes will automatically be applied as well.

If DispatchBot encounters any errors while importing trips, it will display an error banner at the top of the screen, informing you of the issue. In most cases, the error must be corrected before DispatchBot is able to download trips again.

Sending End-of-Day Reports Back to Logisticare

After completing a day's trips, you can send all the collected information back to Logisticare electronically. Go to Reports -> Logisticare Report (note: this option only exists if you have already connected your Logisticare account).

Once on the report page, you can choose which day you wish to send the report for. By default it will choose today.

The report will list all of the Logisticare trips for the selected day. The report will allow you to preview the data prior to sending it. DispatchBot will send all information about the trip including time of arrival, time of pick up, time of drop off, as well as odometers and the passenger's digital signature (if available). Some GPS data may be included too, if available. Use the report preview to make sure all information is accurate.

DispatchBot will automatically look for common errors, and prompt you to fix those prior to proceeding.

You can optionally choose not to send a trip yet by unchecking the box. You can always send the trip later. It is safe to submit this report multiple times.

Once you have verified the report and corrected any inaccuracies, you may send the report to Logisticare by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. The report will be sent within the next several minutes, during which you may safely navigate away from the page. A table at the top of the page will show the status of sending the report.

You must still login to your Logisticare portal and verify that all information is received and accurate. DispatchBot is not responsible for missing or inaccurate information.