BillerBot allows you to setup pre-defined rates and generate invoices for every new trip. You can customize the rates per account, and even customize them based on the mobility aids included in the trip. This allows you to potentially charge a higher rate for more specialized trips, such as wheelchairs or stretchers. 

BillerBot comes ready with a number of pre-defined billing models, from which you can customize based on your needs. If you require customization beyond what the existing billing models provide, please contact support as we are able to accommodate those needs too.

Once enabled and configured, BillerBot will add revenue information to all your reports. The Daily Audit report will show revenue information for each trip, and the Summary report will show aggregated revenue data. This makes it easy to see how much revenue is being generated for each account, over some period of time.

BillerBot can be integrated to QuickBooks Online so that you can directly export invoice data from DispatchBot to your QuickBooks Online account.

What BillerBot Isn't

BillerBot can do a lot, and we are always adding features to it, but its important to understand what it is not intended to do. 

BillerBot does not directly collect money from your customers. BillerBot will generate an invoice, and provides a number of ways to send that invoice to your customer, but you will still need to have a merchant account or some other facility to collect the funds due.

Similarly, BillerBot only records that invoice was successfully sent to a customer. It does not monitor if the invoice is paid, voided, refunded, etc. Many third party accounting softwares provide invoice management (marking paid, refunded, etc) whereas BillerBot is focused on invoice generation.

Ready to get Started?

If you're ready to get started with BillerBot, check out our Getting Started with BillerBot article.