For an introduction on BillerBot, please see our BillerBot Overview article.

Enable BillerBot

Before any invoices can be generated with BillerBot, the feature must be enabled. The account owner must enable BillerBot by going to Administration and then choosing BillerBot Settings.

Once on the BillerBot Settings page, check the box to enable BillerBot. If you ever decide you no longer wish to use BillerBot, you can also disable it by unchecking this box and saving.

Configuring Your Billing Model

Once BillerBot is enabled, you will see additional configuration options. In order for BillerBot to generate invoices, you  must choose a default billing model, and configure it. A number of billing models are available, but if you require something different, please contact support.

The billing model and rates you set here are the default rates that will be used for all invoices, unless you customize the billing model or rates for a specific account.


All billing models support the option for add-ons. These allow you to charge an additional fee for certain mobility aids. For example, you may charge an extra $20 to load a wheelchair. You can configure any number of add-ons for any of your mobility aids. Anytime a passenger with the configured mobility aid rides with you, the invoice will automatically include an additional line item for the price you configure.

You're All Set!

Don't forget to click 'Save' at the bottom. Starting now, each time you create a trip, an invoice will automatically be created. For existing trips, you can generate an invoice by using the 'Generate' button found on the trip details page.