For an introduction on BillerBot, please see our BillerBot Overview article.

Generate an Invoice

BillerBot allows for the all the information you create with your trips and set rates to generate an invoice. To generate an invoice, navigate to the trip detail page and click "Generate one now?" under the invoice section.

Once the invoice is generated, you'll see the invoice details listed on the trip detail page. You'll also find estimates and trip costs located in the Summary Report, the Daily Audit, and the Invoice Report.

In the image above, we see the invoice data including the line item name, the cost, quantity and total of the line item. Below the line items, you see the total listed in bold. Beneath the invoice box, there is italicized text, "This invoice was generated using the organization default billing model, Base Rate + Mileage Fee: $20.0 + $2.0/mile." This is the information set in the BillerBot settings or the Account settings. Here is an article to set up rates for specific accounts and default billing models.

Send Invoice for Payment

Once an invoice is generated in the trip details page, BillerBot facilitates the ability to either download a pdf version of the invoice or send the invoice data to third-party invoicing platforms like Quickbooks Online.

Download Invoice PDF

From the trip details page, the option is download is listed in the "Actions" drop-down menu. Once downloaded, an invoice can be sent to customers by email or printed out and sent by mail.

Here is an example of the PDF downloaded:

Track if/when invoice is sent to Clients

After an invoice has been downloaded, or at the discretion of the user, an invoice can be marked as sent in the "Actions" drop-down menu. If Quickbooks is connected, an invoice is automatically marked as sent once the invoice has been exported to Quickbooks.

This information will display on the trip details page and on the Invoice Report.