For an introduction on BillerBot, please see our BillerBot Overview article.

Revenue information generated by BillerBot is accessible in several locations throughout DispatchBot including the Summary Report, the Daily Audit, and the Invoice Report. The Daily Audit report will show revenue information for each trip, and the Summary report will show aggregated revenue data. This makes it easy to see how much revenue is being generated for each account, over some period of time.

Summary Report

The Summary Report is a powerhouse of aggregated data that you can sort to display the information you need. All the revenue data from trips is displayed in the farthest right column.

Daily Audit

In the Daily Audit, the revenue column provides revenue information for each trip.

Invoice Report

To view all invoices by a specific date range and optional account filter, navigate to the Invoice Report under Reporting. The invoices displayed will show:

  • whether the invoice has been downloaded or sent to Quickbooks (if Quickbooks connection is enabled).
  • the account name
  • the day the trip was requested as a link to the individual trip detail page
  • the passengers for the specific trip
  • the distance
  • the cost of the trip

Being connected to Quickbooks will also allow the selection of listed invoices in this report to send data to Quickbooks.