Dispatchbot uses notifications and popups to help alert and confirm choices you make inside the application such as archiving a driver, archiving a meal break or deleting a trip. If notifications are disabled, you will not be able to confirm these choices and the application will not save your change. For this reason, it's important to make sure you have notifications enabled.

If Firefox detects a website application is sending multiple notifications, it will give you the option to disable notifications from the website. If you click this, our site will no longer be able to send any confirmations.

To add a website to a list of allowed sites, type about:preferences#privacy into your Firefox browser address bar. Then look under Permissions.

To the right side of the Block pop-up windows checkbox, click on "Exceptions". Enter http://dispatchbot.com into the field and click "Allow". Then save changes. You should also add <your organization name>.dispatchbot.com to the list where <your organization name> is the name of your company.

After this is complete, go into the Notifications settings, and search for "dispatchbot". If any sites come up and are blocked, remove them.

After this, your Firefox browser should be allowing notifications from DispatchBot. Please reach out to us at support@dispatchbot.com with any further questions!