DispatchBot sends information to your Quickbooks Online account in such a way that allows for information to be passed to the account statement. This means you can add multiple trips to one totaled statement, and you can send that statement to your accounts knowing they'll receive the information they need to make payments to you.

Below is an example of a customer or account statement being generated from Quickbooks Online. DispatchBot sends the trip id, the date, and name of the passenger for each invoice listed.

Learn about how to set which information is sent to Quickbooks in Configuring Information Sent to Quickbooks.

Generate a Statement

To create this statement, first make sure your DispatchBot is connected to Quickbooks online. After sending invoices, navigate to your Quickbooks Online account, sign in, and click on "Sales" in the left navigation menu. Then in the top menu, select the "Customers" tab. This is a list of all your customers/accounts in Quickbooks.  

When you look at the name of the customer/account, to the right, you see "Receive payment" with an arrow pointing down. If you click this arrow, you'll see a selection of options. Choose "Create Statement."

This action will generate a statement as pictured in the beginning of this article with all the invoices for your specified customer. You can also choose date rages and either email the statement or download the statement for you own keeping.