When configuring BillerBot to integrate with Quickbooks Online, DispatchBot sends trip information such as trip ids and dates automatically. If you'd like Dispatchbot to send extra information such as passenger names and passenger locations, you must first check the box pictured below. In this image, we've navigated to General Settings, clicked on the Quickbooks tab, and can see the the setting for sending passenger information. The text advises that if you are required to follow HIPAA, you should not check this box and send passenger names to Quickbooks because Quickbooks is not HIPAA compliant.

By default, your Quickbooks invoices will look like the image below. Only the trip id and the date are listed below the line items table.

After enabling DispatchBot to send passenger names and locations to Quickbooks, you can view this information in the invoice Quickbooks generates below the lined items table where prices are displayed. Pictured below is a quick snap shot of where the information is placed in a Quickbooks invoice.

Information is also sent to Quickbooks Statements. With statements, you can add multiple invoices for the same company into one statement. DispatchBot sends important information to these statements so that your accounts know which invoices they're paying. To learn more about account statements in quickbooks, read Adding Multiple Invoices to a Statement in Quickbooks.