DispatchBot has developed integration directly with MTM so that you can automatically import your trips. Additionally, DispatchBot will automatically send trip data back to MTM in real-time. Enabling this integration is easy and only takes a few minutes to set up.

Connect DispatchBot to MTM

Navigate to the General Settings page and select the MTM tab. Note that you must be your organization's admin to access this page. Once on the MTM tab, you will see entry fields to connect your DispatchBot account to your MTM. The credentials you need are client ID, client secret, and scope; these can be obtained from your MTM representative. You will also select the account these trips will be assigned to, this account does not need to be named "MTM." 

If you do not enter all three credentials, you will receive a red error message, "One or more Client Credential from MTM is missing. Please make sure the Client ID, Client Secret, and Scope are all entered below."

A successful connection will result in a green message, "Your settings were saved successfully". When you click on the MTM tab again, you will see a screen that allows you to Reconnect or Disconnect to MTM.

Automatically Importing Trips

Once the above steps are completed, DispatchBot will automatically check for trips with MTM. DispatchBot will connect approximately every twenty minutes to see if MTM has new trips. If there are new trips available, these will be imported into DispatchBot automatically and will be available as unscheduled trips on your scheduler page. They will appear and function like any other trip. If trips are updated or canceled, these changes will automatically be applied as well.

Reporting trip data to MTM

Trip information will be automatically sent back to MTM if all required data fields are present. You can check the status of MTM trip information sent to MTM by going to the "MTM Report" page. 

DispatchBot will check trips for missing data, this report will show you all completed MTM trips, if a trip was unable to send DispatchBot will show which errors were found.

Note that trip data is only submitted one time. If trip data is sent with missing information you will need to file a claim with MTM to collect funds for these trips.